Law enforcement and intelligence agency work can be hard, messy, complicated, and still the most rewarding job on the planet. But, the teamwork, paperwork, laws, and more gets overwhelming. 

That’s why we made IMPaCT — a place where officers get the job done, together!

Our Mission

To revolutionize information sharing and collaboration among law enforcement and intelligence agencies. 

You know how details of suspects are handed out on flyers, only to end up crinkled and stuffed into visors of police cruisers?


Shouldn’t we be more advanced in 2021?

Existing Communication Tools are Disparate

Many Existing Options

  • Not CJIS Compliant
  • Not Designed for Law Enforcement / Intelligence Agencies
  • Data not owned by the Agency
  • Not interjurisdictional 
  • CJIS Compliant
  • Designed for Law Enforcement/Intelligence Agencies
  • Data owned by Agency
  • Interjurisdictional

Collaborate Seamlessly

Intelligent Efficiency

Collaborate with

AI Capable


Utilize an AI-powered chat platform to enhance operational efficiency within and between agencies!

Intelligent Case Building Assistance

While you’re having conversations, our AI bot, Fuzz, will present documents relevant to the conversation in real-time.

Automated Introductions

Fuzz, our AI bot, will also assist in connecting officers working on similar cases within the same department or other departments.

Record Retention

Fuzz will also delete everything on the platform at the designated time, automatically, based on your policies.

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Our Team

James Corbett

James Corbett has helped launch various non-profit programs in the past before developing his own - Project Refit. Project Refit is on a mission to combat isolation among first responders, military, veterans, and their families. Project Refit successfully built three programs since 2017, a mobile app (Blue Skies), *Radio Check* Buddy Check-in, and is now launching a Mobile Base.  be an He is now the Co-Founder of a real-time collaboration platform for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

William Luong

William Luong is a Computer Scientist and has experience building software for government agencies, social media, and mini-games. He worked for the Federal Reserve and currently works with Willis Towers Watson.

Marc Snyderman, Esq.

Marc brings significant experience as a General Counsel, Chief Operating Officer assisting companies with myriad legal and business issues. He specializes in government contracting, technology, engineering and software development, risk management, employment law, and strategic consulting as well as general corporate matters.

Matthew Saparito

Currently serving in law enforcement for 8 years. Matt has a master’s degree in the field of Global Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure. He was the 2019 recipient of the Morris County 200 Club Valor Award among other proclamations. He is also the founder of ApexU Coaching.

Tyrone Dennis

Tyrone is a 16-year veteran on the Atlanta Police Department. He has worked on gang units, media outreach, investigations of high- profile crime. He received the ASIS Law Enforcement Community Service Award ’20 and proclamations and awards from Georgia and Atlanta governments, among many more awards and experiences. He is the creator and founder of the community-based program Clippers & Cops ‘18

Our Values

We will relentlessly pursue innovative approaches in leveraging Artificial Intelligence to enhance operational efficiency. 

We will treat each problem we solve with surgical precision and care.

We will be solution oriented in everything we build or design.

We will be friendly, professional, and empathetic in each customer and employee interaction.

We will contribute to improving the communities we live in and serve.

We will strive to be the most trusted information sharing company globally!

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